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1.    League Leadership Duties and Responsibilities
       1.1.    The league’s governing body is its Sports Director and Technical Committee duly 

                  sworn and appointed by the president.
        1.2.    The governing body shall:
                  Adopt league rules and prize list, unless league rules allow league full members to

                               do so.
                  Decide salaries, if any, to be paid to the league tabulators and marshals.
                  Decide all protest involving DFBC or League Rules
                  Decide all questionable scoring and calculation errors, and questions not covered

                               by the rules.
                  Handles all disputes concerning prize money.
                  Shall endeavor to have a balanced schedule of lane assignments seeing to it that

                               all teams are evenly rotated among the different lanes.
                  The governing body decisions are final, except when appeals are made to chief

                  The president is the league’s chief executive.

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Rules & Regulations

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